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A $49 community-backed “Banana Pi” SBC is a Raspberry Pi lookalike, but uses a faster, dual-core Allwinner A20 SoC and adds SATA and several other features.

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Increase the data storage capacity of your Raspberry Pi or other development board, by connecting it directly to a SATA-based drive. Perfect for custom projects and applications, this USB to SATA converter supports all models of Raspberry Pi as well as other development boards.

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Nei post precedenti abbiamo visto come preparare una scheda SD contenente il sistema operativo Raspbian, e abbiamo parlato della configurazione iniziale da fare al primo avvio, attivando anche il server SSH per controllare il Raspberry Pi da remoto. Ora vedremo come collegare un hard disk esterno USB, per poter espandere lo spazio di archiviazione oltre quello della scheda SD di sistema.

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Verbinden Sie den Konverter ganz einfach mit einem USB zu Micro-USB Kabel mit Ihrem Raspberry Pi. Somit steht Ihnen nun ein SATA Port, an dem sie zusem Speicherbedarf.

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The SATA port allows you to connect SATA devices to your Raspberry Pi, a very useful tool for data transfer, backup and cloning. It supports most SATA devices such as CD ROM, DVD ROM, CD drive, 2. 5 inch hard disk and 3. 5 inch hard disk.

Raspberry Pi: Adding an SSD drive to the Pi-Desktop kit

The Raspberry Pi X820 Expansion Board seamlessly connects any 2. 5 external SATA HDD/SSD drive with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module. With the Rasberry Pi X820 Board, you're able to …

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Raspberry Pi mSATA SSD USB Adapter Board Pi-102 Lycom Pi-102, Raspberry Pi USB to mSATA Converter Board, Supports SATA I/II/III mSATA SSDs, With Mounting Accessories

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Thonny on a Raspberry Pi: using the new Python IDE in Raspbian. Use the new Thonny IDE in Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi to understand what’s going on in your code. shares. Twitter Googleplus Email . Click the Raspberry Pi Menu icon in the top left of the screen and choose Programming Increase Font

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/28/2016The Pi 3 is exactly what you would expect from the latest Raspberry Pi. No, it doesn’t have SATA or USB C or a PCIe connector. The goal of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has …

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までのRaspberry Piでは、USBポートには0. 6Aが出力されるそうで、これだと普通のUSBフラッシュメモリなんかなら普通に動くが、ポータブルHDD(USBから電源供給するやつ)には電力が足りず、ディスクがスピンアップしないらしい。

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Can I attach a SATA controller? Ask Question 57. 19. I would like to use my Raspberry Pi as a file server (NAS/SMB). Will I be able to attach a SATA/RAID controller? Specifically useful for Raspberry Pi 2+ and a nice alternative to untrustworthy RAID systems.

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The raspberry pi, the 2. 5 Please use X820 V3. 0 board with a good quality power supply.

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0/9/2016ne dans mon tiroir depuis un moment.

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RAID Pi – Raspberry Pi as a RAID file server. The Raspberry Pi is not to blame in this case, it’s the fact that I’ve put all those drives onto the one USB port. OK, it’d be nice to have SATA interfaces on the Pi. But we don’t. Raspberry Pi as a RAID file server” David O'Malley says: February 7, 2013 at 12:24 pm